Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Lights: Them’s The Breaks

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The late Mel Torme, back before he croaked, sang that there's a broken heart for every light on Broadway. As I will not be outdone by any one nicknamed “The Velvet Fog,” let me croon about my developing a headache for every broken light at my house.

christmas lights broken
Ooh, the colors of Hell ARE pretty … when lit.

Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm an always home and uncool #HealthyDad

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Being a #HealthyDad is all about making time for myself as well as my family. That’s why I have been working hard at working out of late, hitting the elliptical and treadmill to lose my annual summer microbrew gut.

Getting enough exercise isn’t just good for the body, it is good for the mind, and when you are healthy it makes everyone around you feel healthier, too. 

Hence, I’m proud to be part of the #HealthyDad campaign.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield -- which has very good to our family in dealing with Lil Diva's Juvenile Myositis treatments over the years -- knows a thing or two about staying healthy, for instance, do you need a doctor? You can find quality doctors who are part of their network through their Find a Doctor tool. And you can check out hospitals and compare costs—including out of pocket expenses—with their Estimate Your Cost tool.

Turns out, different facilities may charge different amounts for the same service. Who knew? Also, higher prices don’t always mean better care (knew that part). You can estimate your share of the costs before you get your care, and compare facilities based on their quality measures for certain procedures, like length of stay, patient experience, complications, and more. Check it out!

XY Media sponsored a #HealthyDad video contest on Facebook and a bunch of my fellow healthy dads won some awesome prizes. Check it out:

NOTE: If you didn't guess by now, the preceding was a sponsored post.
Thanks to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield who sponsored the #HealthyDad campaign and for including dads in this important discussion about family health care. My views are based solely on my experience as a parent, and not as a medical professional. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lost in Political Translations

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The leaves have started changing colors all around us so that means the nuts have started falling out of the trees and into campaigns for elected office.

With so many prestigious titles up for grabs this year (governor, U.S. representative, most likely to get snarled in a sexting scandal), the voting public needs to fully understand just what the heck these would-be office-holders stand for. You'll hear or read a whole of mess of sound bites filled with buzzwords from candidates over the next few weeks, so I'm providing the following guide as a public service to help you understand exactly what these folks are saying out of both sides of their mouths: